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Hi there! My name is Lucy Fribbens, founder of Swatch Interior Design UK, Mummy of 2 gorgeous little boys, absolute creative and music lover. I founded Swatch Interior Design UK over four years ago, and I have been on this magical, completely awe inspiring journey within the world of Interiors and my passion ever since. It has been wonderful watching my business flourish into what it’s become today, and a real honour to have worked at so many stunning properties and to meet so many amazing people along the way.

Before I embarked upon this journey, I used to be a Teacher and studied Art and Design, at Goldsmiths University many, many moons ago now. After becoming a Mum, I put my career on hold for a while, as I wanted to focus upon motherhood and family became my number one priority. 

Following my second child, I had a strong yearning to dip my toe back into creative waters again, as this is where my roots have always been firmly grounded. I decided to make a bold (and a little bit scary) move, to leave the world of teaching and retrain my career path to become an Interior Designer.

I feel so blessed to work every day doing something I am truly passionate about and I can honestly say, I love my job!  I am so grateful to all of my amazing clients, over the years, who have invited me into their homes and workspaces, and allowed me to impart my vision and passion into their personal spaces. It’s been an absolute pleasure and I look forward to meeting future clients and working with you to help to make your dreams become a reality.

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